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Certification Pathway for Facial Reflexology

Step One: Module One (Reflex Program)

  • This Module is broken down into TWO PARTS, allowing the student to integrate this material at an individual pace. 
  • Those new to these concepts might prefer to take PART ONE, the online 8hrs Foundations of Facial Reflexology prior to registering for in PART TWO, Treatment Room Essentials. 
  • Professionals or enthusiasts of holistic therapies, generally register in the complete Module One training bundle. Part One & Two. 

Step Two: Module Two (Professional Program)

  • This Module is fully online with theory and practical days to obtain your module two certificate and be eligible for module three.
  • The prerequisite for this module is MODULE ONE.

    Step Three: Module Three (Clinician Program)

  • This Module is composed of theory and practical days to obtain your module three certificate. 
  • The prerequisite for this module is MODULE TWO.
  • To be nationally registered, a practicum with 50 case studies and practical exam (80% minimum) is required. Core Reflexology (available with Reflexology School) is also required with a written exam mark.


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What are students saying!

both esthetician and therapist

“I had taken the Level 1 training about a year and a half ago and was impressed then by the amount of information conveyed. Erica is quite knowledgeable and frank about the practice of Multireflexology, a modality with a multitude of applications. Taking the course a second time was really helpful because the most important aspects jumped out and because there were things that I missed the first go-round. Erica is a patient instructor who involves everyone in the practice of the techniques and in the review of concepts throughout the training. Multireflexology has so many applications! ”



“Erica is extremely knowledgeable about Dien Chan. She shared her content in an open, supportive fashion, where questions were encouraged and answered in a way that it can be used in a practical setting. Looking forward to the next course. It changed my life! It empowered me to look at health in a different way. ”

Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist

Kati M, CAN

“This has been one of the best training I've participated in in years! I am impressed with Erica, with the company, with the methods and the tools & support offered. This training will change my business for the better - I can see so many ways to improve my treatments, client education of Skincare, self-care and Holistic Health. The apps provide more sophisticated reporting than anything I've received from any doctor. I'm excited to be part of the growth of Dien Chan and see all that is to come! ”