Life Force Essence


When Carley does a Face Reading the area she looks to most often for a wealth of information is known as the River of Life. The central channel of our face. 
This channel is where our connection to heaven and earth meet. It shows how our Jing (life force essence) is flowing and most present, where it is blocked and how it needs to be built back up or preserved. 
This area shows the gifts we have received from our ancestors and how best to access them via the Sea of Yang (inheritance) or the Sea of Yin (immortality). 

This area of the face holds so much amazing and interesting information about how we use our energy and why.
Carley monitors these areas on her own face daily to see if her boundaries are strong enough, if she's giving too much Jing away and not honouring herself, or if I’m looking too much for outward acceptance and praise rather than doing what she does because it’s her Ming (destiny). 


Instructor Bio:

Carley De Geode

Face Reading Instructor

Carley de Goede is a Chinese Medicine practitioner who specializes in Face Reading. She has studied this art with various teachers and guides but specifically with Lillian Bridges of the Lotus Institute. Face Reading is a traditional Chinese medicine technique used for thousands of years to determine the health and wellbeing of the mind, body, and spirit. This lineage and branch of Chinese Medicine suggests that physical ailments stem from the emotions not being expressed in a balanced way, or from emotional traumas not being released. Each feature and marking of the face is a representation of the story of your life, from the time in the womb to the present moment. Through analysis of facial features and markings, Face Reading can help unravel past issues and patterns, validate personality traits, and assist in finding a harmonization of your emotions and well being.