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Presented by Evelyn Mulders

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Toric Field 


3 ways to Benefit from the Workshop

  • Personal Growth

    If you are a seeker of energy healing knowledge, this is a workshop for you! Enjoy the experience of exploring the energy field and receive healing vibration through five dimensions. Something no other workshop offers.

  • Become a Sound Essence Practitioner

    Once you’ve had this incredible experience you’ll naturally want to share your excitement with friends and clients. Offering Sound Essence sessions virtually is not only possible but extremely easy and fun. It’s a new way to support your clients while creating residual income for yourself.

  • Become a Sound Essence Instructor

    If you really love it… just teach it! Have you been waiting for new innovative material to teach your students? The Sound Essence training is a complete package easy to duplicate. Just take this workshop and you’ll have all that you need to teach.

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A look into the world of vibrational healing with Evelyn

Evelyn Mulders

Instructor Bio:

Evelyn Mulders

The Essence of Sound

Evelyn Mulders, founder of the Kinesiology College ofCanada and senior faculty for the International College of ProfessionalKinesiology Practice, training students in Energy Medicine, since 1996.She owns and operates Holistic Tapestries Natural Care Center and is the Alchemist of Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies Inc.. Her passion for educating others has inspired her to write award winning textbooks and cards, The Essence of Sound and Essence of Herbs and theWhispering Herbs Healing Cards were multi-award winners in 2020.Initially trained as a Civil Engineer Technologist, Evelyn has expanded her science and research background to meld her training in Touch forHealth™, Reflexology, Iridology, Herbology with the power of sound and colour. A program developer, alchemist, and visionary, Evelyn has a unique quality in making what’s complicated understandably easy in her writing and teaching style.