Pro Pedi Sequence

The no-fluff reflexology sequence for spa's, pedicurists, estheticians and therapists looking for a routine that will make all the clients happy!

  • This sequence is focused on the main reflex zones that has given Erica the strongest results in her 10+ years of therapeutic practice.

  • Each step, covering the entire foot and therefore the entire body, is thoroughly explained with technique, pressure, areas of relation to the body alongside close up videos.

  • Included in this routine are advanced reflex zones relating to areas of the body such as the frontal cortex; responsible for higher cognitive functions such as memory, emotions, impulse control, problem solving, social interaction, and motor function.

More than a foot massage

Get to the root of the problem by treating at the root of the body.

Every time this sequence is followed you improve circulation, reduce tension and promote optimal function of the body. Open up the hips and reduce pelvic floor inflammation by soothing the sciatic nerve, improve overall lymph drainage in the groin and jaw, enhance breathe from releasing the diaphragm and reduce headaches through the neck and shoulder regions.
Foot reflexology


  • I've already taken a foot reflexology course, Will this still be good for me?

    Yes! There is an amalgamation of different methods in this routine that have been brought to you from around the world.

  • How long do I have access to the course for?

    With your purchase, you have access to the video content for 365 days!

  • What specific symptoms and conditions does this routine help with?

    This routine involves deep trigger style techniques that will help to regulate emotions, reduce lower back and sciatic pain and create space in the entire foot, therefore relieving pains such as a neuroma.

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