This 2 hour workshop is open those trained in reflexology, massage or other manual therapy/touch methods. If you feel prepared to take this class, please join us!

  • Study a cross section of the anatomy related to the foot and lower leg.

  • Find out an integrated meridian approach to releasing pain in the foot.

  • Discover specific points on the face and ears to fully support the body's recovery.

  • Study how to utilize ear seeding and salonpas to extend your treatment and optimize results.

  • Upgrade your service with valuable exercises your clients can do at-home. Enjoy downloadable videos to share with your clients.

  • Identify from an array of options, excellent solutions for you and your clients to enhance you treatment. Discounts available for additional tools.

  • Gain access to recording for three months to review content.

Join us Live ONLINE

September 25th 11am MST - 3pm MST

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Tools and Exercises

Find out the many options available to enhance your treatment

One thing about Erica, she likes to have options. Every client is unique and so is the way they respond to treatment. Through dowsing, client testing or intuition, the proper style of instruments can accompany this treatment. Most of study will be through application of touch with the hands, however it is always good to have options for the benefit of both the client and practitioner. This includes exercises the client can do at home or self care tools to promote long lasting results.

Not a Reflexologist? no problem!

Let Erica, LCRT™ teach you the ways of the feet!

  • $49.00

    $49.00An Earthing Foot Routine

    Follow along with Erica's creation of a professional foot reflexology routine. Learn reflex locations, function of reflexes, client benefits and hands-on techniques. When proficient, this routine will take forty-five minutes ❤︎ (regular $79)
  • $2,493.00

    $2,493.00Core + Foot Reflexology Certification | On-Demand

    Ready to get certified in foot reflexology? You've come to the right place. It all starts here, learning the core principles, structure and function, assessment protocols and treatment guidelines.
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