Course Syllabus

✔︎ What you can expect to learn

  • The map of Dien Chan: Comprehensive study of the facial reflex map and all the bqc·points. Origins, history and informative anecdotes that led Professor Bùi Quôc Châu to establish Dien Chan.

  • How to use the map: Learn how to find precise bqc·points and the detection techniques with the tools.

  • How to stimulate the bqc·points: Learn the stimulation techniques and understand how to adapt stimulation techniques to any skin type.

  • The philosophy of “Tuy”: The idea that therapy always depends on the situation, symptoms and the individual client. How to apply relativism in the practice of Dien Chan. How to combine all of the techniques, for the practitioner to become a “composer of protocols” and offer effective treatments.

  • The yin and yang concepts: Learn to apply the yin and yang concepts to facial reflexology. Concrete examples of how to know if a disease has yin or yang symptoms. Utilize protocols and applications of yin yang, to establish a baseline of where the client’s illness, pain or skin condition is coming from.

  • Choosing the appropriate tools: Advanced comprehension on how to choose the appropriate multireflex tool for treatment and recommendations for client self care.

  • Re-balancing the energy: How to re-balance the flow, channels, and meridians of the body in case of thermal mismatch. For example, how to balance a patient with a yin internal condition and yang external condition.

  • Essential formulas: A deep understanding and study of essential baseline formulas. Decomposition of each formula to explain the presence of each bqc·point used. Learn how to explain why each bqc·point is used in the formula. Learn the basics of working the body to enhance your treatments (meridian lines or body reflexes)

  • Combining diagrams and formulas: Learn to adapt the Dien Chan facial diagrams of therapy and their formulas

  • Learn Essential Protocols: reflex Cellulite Protocol face. Detox Ritual.

2022 Training Schedule


WINTER COURSE: 28+ hours total plus workbook

*recordings will be made available to registered attendees.

Module Two | Pro Program (Pro + Beauté)

  • Advanced Client Care  + bqc·point mapping (28 hours) Course Fee:     $825 CAD

    • Includes: Course Manual + 8 hours OnDemand Videos + 22 hours Livestream (In Person soon) + 4 hours Livestream Practical + Club Membership Renewal 1 Year

  • No tools are included with the cost of this class. Recommended tools for this class include n°101, n°252, n°424, n°430.

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