Course Outline

Prerequisite for this course is PART ONE | Foundations of Facial Reflexology

MODULE ONE | PART TWO | 22 hours Virtual

  • Further your investigations of interpreting the face in regards to markings of lines, spots and anomalies.
  • Dien Chan is founded in the roots of both western and eastern medical research.
  • Understand the power of projecting diagrams onto the face and the role it plays for diagnostics. 
  • Figure out when to use certain effects of yin and yang ended tools to get the best results for skin conditions and blockages in the body systems.
  • Incorporate step-by-step health facial routines into your existing practice for lymph drainage without contraindications.
  • Dissect the four main diagrams including musculoskeletal system, internal organs such as digestive, respiratory, circulatory, urinary, and endocrine systems plus the neurological diagram of Dr. Penfield for ENT related disorders as well as motor and sensory nerve imbalances.
  • Study how skin conditions on the face can direct you to discover the origin of imbalances in the body.
  • Discover how to start using Dien Chan facial reflexology in a professional setting using innovative applications.

2022 Training Schedule

MODULE ONE | Part Two : Spring or Fall Sessions

SPRING COURSE: Intermittent Hours (4 hours each evening : 22hrs total)

April 12th, 19th, 26th

May 3rd & 24th

ONLINE Practical Day June 12th

FALL COURSE: Intermittent Hours (4 hours each evening: 22hrs total) & Condensed Version

September 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 20th

ONLINE Practical Day October 3rd

Module One | Part One & Part Two

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