Reflex Zones & Client Care Basics

Discover how Dien Chan and Chan'beauté can empower health confidence.

  • Treatment Room Protocols

    The 8 principles are overlooked as simple ideas however they can be the number one way to achieving long lasting results. If the left eyebrow (shoulder zone) is tender, does it mean the left shoulder of the person? Learning the 'reflex' or 'referral' areas is ESSENTIAL to success in reflex therapy.

  • Key & Door

    Learn how to ask the most appropriate discovery questions to help you determine the issues origin as yin or yang. Discover the scientific approach of making a hypothesis based on this, apply your treatment and test your results. It is not black and white! It is playing :)

  • Re-Balance

    The effects of yin and yang can go deep into the body with the right touch. Gently caressing the skin with genuine multireflex tools simply rebalance the energies of the body. Listening to your sensations, allow you to reach the root cause of a blockage through peripheral nervous system communication.

Set Yourself up to go from Good to Better!

Learn easy & simple, practical, safe and effective routines for the morning, evening and everything in between

  • Integrate the 8 principles of treatment guidelines in Dien Chan: Understand how these fundamental principles (which are based on the idea that no one rule governs pain or illness) can create a pathway to address a client’s condition.  

  • Study internal organs maps of the face according to systems from both western and eastern wisdom.

  • Steps of treatments: Further our discussion around being able to translate your client’s concerns into the terminology necessary to benefit from both TCM and Western practices for a complete treatment.

  • Stimulation technique: Learn the most effective and technically correct form of the ‘detection’ technique with the multireflex tools for client comfort, therapeutic relief and credible diagnostics. Learn stimulation techniques including guided hands-on practice with the multireflex tools.

  • Dive deeper with In-class practice of  Yang Yin Protocol:. Transforming + unique Chan’beauté aesthetic techniques for ultimate results by treating the origins of imperfection that are visible on the face or skin. Use the multireflex tools to learn the practical method to perform specific Chan’beauté aesthetic techniques and protocols.

    Several essential protocols:

    • Discover how to fade hyper pigmentation, skin spots and treat moles.

    • Visit how to treat new and old scars to recover the elasticity of the skin and fade keloids (thickened, raised marks formed from scar tissue). Go further by learning a body treatment for Cesarean scars/cellulite.

    • Attain protocols for the nervous system and general aches and pains in the body.

    • Aquire a new Facial massage routine with multireflex tools.

    • 12 morning massages: We will break down a simple method to tone the body, for use by both therapist and client. Learn how to incorporate them into everyday life.

Online Format. 30 hours. Attend live or watch replay.

8 hours videos + Theory & Practical Livestream


Certified ISMDC, Dien Chan Expert

Erica Weiland

LCRT - Reflexology Association of Canada. ISMDC Director of Global Education

A certified and licensed foot and facial reflexology instructor and therapist from Calgary, Canada. She is a licensed teacher with the Reflexology Association of Canada and the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan. Erica brings diverse experience to reflexology instruction, she is a a working therapist, certified nutritionist, vibrational energy worker and personal trainer. As a passionate and knowledgeable educator, Erica provides students with the foundations of reflex therapy, effective strategies to implement the method in their practice and everyday life, along with a working knowledge and practical experience to achieve lasting results for clients. Her vision for the school is to bring quality reflexology and natural healing methods in a central hub in order to find what you're looking for in one location. One step in the right direction will be through international representation in the school. Erica founded the Reflexology Experience clinic and training centre, North America's first reflexology focused facility with two locations based in Calgary and Victoria.

Testimonial from a Holistic Facialist

"clients are seeing remarkable shifts"

“Erica’s teachings have changed my clinical practice for the better, my clients are seeing incredible outcomes, remarkable shifts in whole body health while restoring natural beauty & skin health. What these tools can do are nothing short of phenomenal! Erica is a true healer, an inspirational therapist, a gifted & wise teacher, radiating positive energy always, giving her students the tools, the skill set for building a successful clinical practice.”

Andrea Fairborn