A Reflex and Seeding Combination Masterclass

A course for the family or treatment room. Enjoy this self directed Masterclass.

  • Receive an ear point detector along with a starter kit of ear seeds to get going right away! (Value $120)

  • Get first- hand creator details on how to implement a routine into your practice.

  • Gain education on anatomy, ear massage routine, and ear seeds placement for different ailments.


Community + Discounts + Downloadables


    Join our community of like minded individuals. Post questions, engage with assessments, submit photos for educational purposes and continue your learning!


    As part of the Ear Reflexology and Seeding Masterclass, you automatically gain student pricing for all of our ear seeding materials. Once registered, you will have a coupon code to shop right away 😁


    There are a few versions of the presentation along with routines and formulas for you to download and keep forever. Access them immediately once you register.


Instructor Bio:

Erica Weiland

LCRT - Reflexology Association of Canada. ISMDC Director of Global Education

A certified and licensed foot and facial reflexology instructor and therapist from Calgary, Canada. She is a licensed teacher with the Reflexology Association of Canada and the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan. Erica brings diverse experience to reflexology instruction, she is a a working therapist, certified nutritionist, vibrational energy worker and personal trainer. As a passionate and knowledgeable educator, Erica provides students with the foundations of reflex therapy, effective strategies to implement the method in their practice and everyday life, along with a working knowledge and practical experience to achieve lasting results for clients. Her vision for the school is to bring quality reflexology and natural healing methods in a central hub in order to find what you're looking for in one location. One step in the right direction will be through international representation in the school. Erica founded the Reflexology Experience clinic and training centre, North America's first reflexology focused facility with two locations based in Calgary and Victoria.