The Study of Reflexes

The macro is reflected in the micro

Reflexology is the study of reflexes. These reflexes are a map to the past, present and future. Reflexes are zones and points, that when stimulated with reflexology palpation methods; relieve tension, promote circulation and help to maintain homeostasis in the related part of the body. Find balance in every part, organ and gland of the body by actively performing a reflexology sequence. 

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This course is eligible to become an RCRT™ with Reflexology Association of Canada

  • Videos

    As part of your registration to the Core + Foot reflexology, you will be given access to step by step videos explaining each part of a foot reflexology sequence. Feel confident you are doing it right with easy, follow-along tutorials!

  • Access for 1 year

    Study at your own pace! Gain access to the entire course content for 1 year. This includes downloadable documents for your case studies. Join Erica in the exploration of anatomy and physiology with a focus on reflex points of the feet.

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    Branding. Business. Loyal Clients. Launching a new career means understanding the key factors of growing a sustainable practice. Enjoy Erica's 4-part business coaching series to help you successfully set you apart in the healthcare field.

Reflexology School

Zealous teachings that deliver an epic educational experience

Everyone learns differently. It is through a combination of discussion, presenting, touching, observing, reading and encouraging independent thought that allow for optimal learning. The education given in this course is not just how to apply a method found in a book but more about how to change the way you see the world and to be part of the true health-care solution.
Gallbladder meridian point

Certification in 5 Stages | An ideal blend to practically move into a new and rewarding career.

This ON-DEMAND course is stage 1 for full certification in foot reflexology

  • Stage 1 | Learn in the comfort of your own home for this series of 20+ hours of online content. This portion is at your own pace and is required before registering for the next stage.

  • Stage 2 | In-Person Practical Training in a comfortable clinic style environment. Get immersed in your new career by receiving and giving reflexology. Gain the unique opportunity of experiencing a day-in-the-life of a reflexology therapist.

  • Stage 3 | Examinations are part of the process but thankfully you are in the right hands to help you achieve success. A written and practical exam are required for certification along the pathway.

  • Stage 4 | Practicum and Case Studies done independently will give you the confidence to experience how beneficial reflexology therapy is for your community.

  • Stage 5 | Advanced Reflex and Business Strategies help separate you in the field of wellness and alternative medicines. Having a big impact in the community around you is essential in developing a sustainable career.


  • Who is this online class for?

    Anyone can take this class! This class is geared towards getting people started in the fundamentals of reflexology, with a focus on foot reflexology. If you are looking to learn because of personal interest- this class will be perfect. If you are looking to get certified- this will be a prerequisite.

  • What will I be able to do with this class?

    You will be much more versed in the method of reflexology and be able to treat your family and friends with more confidence after taking this class.

  • What do I get with this class?

    You will receive a full RAC Core + Foot Reflexology manual along with a laminated sheet of the RAC routine and RAC foot reflex chart along with a workbook to go along with the class. At the end of the class you will receive a certificate of participation for the hours you have taken towards the theory and fundamentals of reflexology.

  • What do I do after this class if I want to become certified?

    You will need to register for the 200+ hour Core + Foot Reflexology course. This class prepares you to be successful on the written exam and move you towards the practicum and case study portion of the class. You will also need to attend in-person practical days to satisfy your requirements.

  • How is the certification course structured?

    Technically, the full course is an ideal mix of 5 stages. 1) On-Demand- 20+ hours learn from the comfort of your own home and take part of any class discussions Enjoy the flexibility that fits with your schedule and register for the next parts of the course within the timeline. 2) Hands-on practical days- Enjoy the art of touch with this step by step learning in an immersed environment. Currently this portion is required to qualify for your board exams with RAC to become a registered therapist. 3) Examinations- there is a written and practical exam with an 80% passing grade that are required for certification. 4) Practicum & Case Studies- For certification, you will be required to complete 50 case studies in a specific format, with people of your choice or with the help of your instructor. 5) Advanced Reflex Therapy and Business Strategy- It's one thing to be good at your craft but it is another to succeed in an independent field. Learning advanced therapy techniques and specific business strategies will set you apart from your competition and leave your clients craving the touch you give.

Course curriculum

  1. 02
    • How does it work? What are the origins? Who is reflexology beneficial for?

  2. 03
    • Understanding the zones of the body is a key principle in reflexology and getting to the root causes.

  3. 04
    • First impressions are important. Learn how to let the ego go and let your client be the healer.

  4. 05
    • Understanding how the foot is formed and the biomechanics of the foot help you manage many common foot ailments.

  5. 06
    • Foot Check Up and Assessment : The steps to ensure you select the most appropriate treatment plan for your client.

  6. 07
    • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology | Everything is connected. The similarity of shape, tissue and function will expand your practice.

  7. 08
    • Nervous System

  8. 09
    • Learn how the endocrine system is linked to the nervous system and how you can balance this with reflexology!

  9. 10
    • This system is interconnected with the heart and diaphragm.

    • See how the heart and diaphragm are connected during breathe.

  10. 11
    • The major transport system of our body: Circulatory System

  11. 12
    • You are what you eat! An advanced and delicate system of break down, absorption and elimination. Including your immune system.

  12. 13
    • A simple yet complex system of filtration, energy and elimination.

  13. 14
    • Lymphatic and Immune system

  14. 15
    • Lymphatic and Immune System (Part Two)

  15. 16
    • Understand the different locations for reproductive reflexes | primary vs secondary

  16. 17
    • Musculoskeletal System

  17. 18
    • Review of what to do when a client comes in and how to set up your case study.

  18. 19
    • RAC Foot Routine

    • _RAC_Foot-Method_2018

    • Working the Toes

    • Ball of the Foot

    • Plantar Aspect of Foot

    • Pelvic and Reproductive Zones

    • Dorsal Aspect of Foot

    • Lateral and Medial Aspects of the Foot

  19. 20
    • List of Materials for Foot Reflexology

    • Leg Massage

    • WorkBook Answer Guide

    • PRACTICE written exam

    • Review Test_Answer Key

Therapeutically Designed

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