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This course is eligible to become an RCRT™ with Reflexology Association of Canada

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    As part of your registration to the Core + Foot reflexology, you will be given access to step by step videos explaining each part of a foot reflexology sequence. Feel confident you are doing it right with easy, follow-along tutorials!

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    Study at your own pace! Gain access to the entire course content for 1 year. This includes downloadable documents for your case studies. Join Erica in the exploration of anatomy and physiology with a focus on reflex points of the feet.

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    Are you ready to stand out from the crowd? Building a sustainable practice in the world of reflex therapy and natural health is absolutely attainable. Learn strategies based on principles that have helped many students become independent and career therapists.

Getting Certified Couldn't be Easier!

The perfect blend of online learning with in person hands-on training. Get certified in Stages.

  • THEORY | On-Demand Pre-Recorded (12 hours) + Livestream Theory (12 hours) + Home Study Workbook (25 hours) + Written Exam (2.5 hours)

  • PRACTICAL | In-Person (18 hours) + Livestream Practical (12 hours) + Practical Exam (1.5 hours)

  • Practicum with Case Studies are performed independently within your own community. (50 cases = 100 hours)

Certification Hours

A break down of your reflexology hours.


Student must be 18 years of age or completion of grade 12.

Foot Reflexology Therapy Course Hours

12 hours on-demand

12 hours livestream training

10 hours homework assignments

18 hours in-person classroom practical training 

25 hours of home study

100 hours of case studies (50 cases at 2 hours each) 

3 hours evaluation + Mandatory review (done during practicum)

4 hours of exams (2 exams, written 2.5 hours, practical 1.5 hours)

1 hour reflex treatment

1 hour performing reflex treatment on teacher


186 hours total

The Study of Reflexes

The Macro is reflected in the Micro

Reflexology is the study of reflexes. These reflexes are a map to the past, present and future. Reflexes are zones and points, that when stimulated with reflexology palpation methods; relieve tension, promote circulation and help to maintain homeostasis in the related part of the body. Find balance in every part, organ and gland of the body by actively performing a reflexology sequence.
Foot reflexology brain reflex

Course Curriculum On-Demand Content

Theory and Practical Application of Reflexology

    1. Welcome to your On-Demand portion of the 200+hour reflexology certification

    1. How does it work? What are the origins? Who is reflexology beneficial for?

    1. Understanding the zones of the body is a key principle in reflexology and getting to the root causes.

    1. First impressions are important. Learn how to let the ego go and let your client be the healer.

    1. Understanding how the foot is formed and the biomechanics of the foot help you manage many common foot ailments.

    1. Foot Check Up and Assessment : The steps to ensure you select the most appropriate treatment plan for your client.

About this course

  • 36 lessons
  • 16 hours of video content

Reflexology School

Passionate teachings that deliver an epic educational experience

Everyone learns differently. It is through a combination of discussion, presentation, touching, observing and reading that satisfies individualized learning. The education given in this course is not just how to apply a method found in a book but more about how to change the way you see the world and to be part of the true health-care solution.
Gallbladder meridian point

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I register for just the ON-DEMAND portion?

    Not at this time. In 2023 there will be opportunity to piece your training together in smaller sections. Right now we are only offering certification for foot or continuing education credits for massage therapists/ health practitioners.

  • What will I be able to do with this certification course?

    You will be certified! This means you are eligible to work in the field of reflexology. Once you obtain your certification, you are eligible to apply for your RCRT designation with RAC. We have a discount code to waive your application fee.

  • What materials come to me when I sign up?

    You will receive a full RAC Core + Foot Reflexology manual along with a laminated sheet of the RAC routine and RAC foot reflex chart along with a workbook to go along with the ON DEMAND THEORY portion of this class. At the end of the online class you will receive a certificate of participation for the hours you have taken towards the theory and fundamentals of reflexology. Once you have completed the full certification, you will receive a certificate and transcript from Reflexology School, moving you into the professional category and eligible to work in the field of reflexology.

  • What is the purpose of this ON-DEMAND THEORY course?

    Purpose The purpose of this training course is outlined in the following five general objectives: To explain the principles of Reflexology; To gain understanding of how the body systems function under the heading of Anatomy and Physiology; To learn to read the map of the body on the foot; To learn how to stimulate the various reflexes on the foot for a safe, effective therapeutic treatment; Qualify to become a Certified Reflexology Therapist with the Reflexology School Qualify to become a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist with the Reflexology Association of Canada or become a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

  • What are the Practicum requirements for full certification?

    Practicum The practicum time allows the student to practice the routine in a professional manner (as taught in the classroom). The purpose of which is to develop a thorough case study consisting of a Health Record, Treatment Records, assessment documentation and evaluation for each client. Each student must complete 50 treatments (for a total of 100 practice hours). The practicum should include a minimum of 5 clients and a maximum of 10. A maximum of 3 clients with one session each will be accepted.

  • Are there any other mandatory requirements?

    Yes!! Mandatory Review, receive a reflexology treatment from an RCRT and give a treatment to your teacher! There is a 1-hour mandatory review given by the teacher no later than 6 months into the practicum. The goal is for the teacher and student to come together to review and evaluate the student’s case studies as well as the Reflexology Method. The date for this may be set on the last day of the course or by email when the student is ready. This will be done via online. Each student must be prepared to present a minimum of 2 case studies with a minimum of 20 recorded treatments. You are also required to receive a treatment from a qualified Reflexology Therapist prior to Practical Exam. ***It is highly suggested to become a student member or RAC to obtain student liability insurance.

  • What does the home study and written & practical exam preparation look like?

    Home Study and Exam Preparation The Exam Preparation chapter in the manual covers suggestions on how to help prepare for both the written and the practical exams. Teachers will schedule the written exam with the students on the last day class (within 3 months of the last day of class). Students are required to attend on that date. Those traveling a significant distance may contact Reflexology School to discuss other options. You can also arrange to have the written exam done virtually with prior approval from your teacher. The Workbook must be completed and submitted to the teacher at the written exam in order to receive recognition for completing 25 hours home study. The practical component of 50 treatments shall be submitted to the practical examiner at the time of the practical exam within 1 year of the last day of your course. * All students must have completed the mandatory review, have a professional treatment by a RAC certified member or teacher (at the rate charged by the member or teacher) and provide a letter or receipt to their practical examiner. It is highly suggested to become a student member or RAC to obtain student liability insurance.

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