An integrated approach with facial reflexology

  • Care Designing

    If you have been curious about how to take your facials to the next level with facial reflexology, this is the perfect class for you. This holistic approach includes working not only on the face but integrating the power of Dien Chan by working the body, head and energy zones.

  • Inner Balance

    Creating balance internally is the key to creating longevity. Erica will show you how you can reach the source of the issue through mind, body & spirit. Being able to strengthen the organs and tissues from a holistic perspective will provide your client long-lasting results.

  • Connect the Dots

    Dien Chan is truly an instrument. It is only by experience do you come to comprehend the style of music you want to play. This class will show you some of the different ways you can treat the same conditions, like redness or dry skin. Connecting the dots for your clients will exponentially propel your business forward and set you apart in the industry.


Erica has been honing her craft over the last 7 years and would like to share how she brings reflex and energy therapy into the holistic facial realm.

  • Take away 3 specific Chan'beauté protocols geared towards clearing up general concerns: Red/irritated skin + Aging Gracefully + Acne

  • Receive an introduction to healing the skin and body with Kyrstaline Energy tools during your facials by discovering how to feather the auric field and restructure the energetic system of the body for optimal results.

  • When all else fails, learn how to use the power of dowsing to test and clearly see the path you can take while utilizing options of sound, gemstone, scent or other vibrational therapies to incorporate into your facials.

  • If you are a reflexologist, this is perfect for you to start incorporating easy-to use products that are safe and effective for all general skin types. You will also see how to use hot towels and other items to introduce healing on another level!

Step by Step 75 Minute Facial

Infuse your passion with a full spectrum holistic facial menu item

Enroll for the LIVE online class November 29th 3pm-7pm MST

I'm so excited to be learning this step by step facial reflexology sequence!

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Watch Intro Video


Watch Intro Video