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    Activating one's own healing system creates a connection and awareness of self that cannot be achieved any other way. The healing arts provide a doorway to enlightenment by easing the burdens of dis-ease. Take our free sessions to get your started.

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    Reflexology methods have been used everywhere in the world for centuries. The techniques in parts of the world, from Asia to the Middle East, South Africa to Europe, have long-time been used alongside Medicine. Connect with these teachings through this site!

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    Let your passion remain at the forefront of your career! The idea of creating a flourishing business needs to come out in the details. Our 4 part series will take you through essential concepts to launching a successful practice and obtaining a loyal clientele. We're here for you!


Colleen D. Holistic Esthetician and Energy Worker

"Erica Weiland is a powerhouse instructor who will challenge you, guide you and keep you engaged in your journey of understanding Dien Chan/Chan Beauté. She is incredibly knowledgeable. Focused but is very relatable and welcoming"

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“ Erica left such a positive impression on me with the business webinars she presented for RAC that I knew I needed her help. I was at a transition point in my own business and about to meld two services together, rebrand and have a website designed. My problem was that I had no idea where to start or how I wanted to present my business to the public. Through a series of business coaching sessions, Erica’s own experience, her incredible energy and her understanding of where I was at, guided me and challenged me to establish my brand. I was able to identify and express my business not only on a website, but within my community. As a successful business owner, Erica’s expertise using very specific questions and giving me exercises to work on, brought me a clear vision of my business and how it could evolve. Working with Erica was the best business decision I have made!”

Carmen Tether RN FCN RCRT
Pedi Holistics
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The Reflexology Experience and Multireflex


The Vision for the School | Erica Weiland

Licensed, qualified expert in the field of Reflexology and the Healing Arts

A certified and licensed foot and facial reflexology instructor and therapist from Calgary, Canada. She is a licensed teacher with the Reflexology Association of Canada and the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan. Erica brings diverse experience to reflexology instruction, she is a a working therapist, certified nutritionist, vibrational energy worker and personal trainer. As a passionate and knowledgeable educator, Erica provides students with the foundations of reflex therapy, effective strategies to implement the method in their practice and everyday life, along with a working knowledge and practical experience to achieve lasting results for clients. Her vision for the school is to bring quality reflexology and natural healing methods in a central hub in order to find what you're looking for in one location. One step in the right direction will be through international representation in the school. Erica founded the Reflexology Experience clinic and training centre, North America's first reflexology focused facility with two locations based in Calgary and Victoria.

Erica Weiland

LCRT - Reflexology Association of Canada. ISMDC Director of Global Education